Diving with Pets, how is it?

Do you love your Pets? Don’t you want to dive with them? It’s funny, but there are such cases. Moreover, a few years ago, English-language information resources posted news that in America, the PADI Association launched the world’s first diving training for Pets – PADI Pet Diver certification.

I want to disappoint you, at the moment this Diving with Pets program is not available.

I wonder how such a thing comes to mind for lovers of four-legged animals? On forums, pet owners stated that their fuzzies like to swim, are trainable, which means that there are no barriers to joint diving and exploring the underwater world.

At the time, Christine Valette, Vice President of marketing and public relations at PADI USA, commented on the news: “the PADI Association is confident that anyone can learn diving. The new Pet Divers program proves this.

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After pet owners have studied basic information about animal diving on the PADI website, questions about equipment and behavior under water, as well as tips on how to relax furry family members during a dive, they should contact one of the PADI certified dive centers for further training on their base and the actual diving under the supervision of a dive instructor.

After successful completion of training, the pet and its owner were issued a PADI Pet Diver certificate.

To be honest, at this point, my wild fantasy infected me with laughter. I see a clear picture of how our instructor conducts training for cats, dogs, or, for example, piglets and their owners. How can I not smile? Just the thought that I came to class with my cat prolongs my life.

Owner of 4-year-old Goldendoodle Ernie Arellano, one of the first certified dogs, shared her impressions: “Now with a PADI certificate, my dog is a real diver!

This opened up huge opportunities for us to explore the new-underwater-world».

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Jason Cross, owner of the cat.: “Under the water, my cat diver gets excited, watching the many fish swimming around them!»

Special diving equipment has been developed for Pets. Equipment for your cat costs $ 20,000, and for a dog who wants to look into the Kingdom of Poseidon, $ 40,000.

The wetsuit for the animal is sewn with lead weights, due to which the pet is kept at a shallow depth. The animal’s head is located in a special “ball” made of organic glass (for example, the Plexiglas brand), where air is supplied – an analog of a diver’s spacesuit.

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A developer was made by James Alba, who himself has long been engaged in diving and is the owner of the dog Mutley the cat and the Hawk.

Initially, the dog was trained in the pool, and then switched to open water. The cat, seeing a new hobby of his friend, decided to support him in diving.

The Russians are clearly not far behind the Americans. In 2010, a Dachshund named Boniface made its first dive.

Its owner, Sergey Gorbunov, is a professional diver and head of the diving training Center in Vladivostok together with his friends, divers, he developed a suit and a breathing system for the dog.

Boniface liked a new hobby, and after long training in the pool, he began to successfully dive into the sea.

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“Horse diver” sounds a little strange? But in vain. Back in the 1880s, horses were trained in freediving up to 15-18 meters.

Swimming in water is a fairly common prevention among veterinarians against osteochondrosis in ungulates.

Abby, a horse from the legendary ixl Noble Express Arabian champion horse Park, likes not only to swim, but also to be under water with his eyes open.

So there is no limit to the love for your Pets and the desire to expand their opportunities to explore the world, including underwater.

I will make a reservation in advance to prevent questions, it is not possible to pass the program here. Personally, I find it so funny that you should not dream of any seriousness during training.

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