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My name is Sara! Howtodivescuba is my dive blog to discover the world underwater and beyond, here is my story!

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I’m a traveler, a diver & a serial-expat, and this is where I share my passion for travelling and scuba diving. Howtodivescuba is a blog for sophisticated travellers, adventure seekers and scuba divers.

Howtodivescuba is the place where you can expect to find dive travel tips, recommendations about scuba diving and sometimes even rules.

I have lived and traveled around all 5 continents. I love life in the big city, but same I love taking a break from it.  If you ask me where I’m from now, I will answer that home is everywhere I had the time to make meaningful connections. Wanderlust doesn’t even come close to my feelings, when I stay at the same place super long.

First I would like to share a bit more about myself. My true motto is: “Get things done and then you are free to enjoy life”.

I am a true workaholic and sleep deprivation champion)) I love wine in the evening and a cup of hot black tea in the mornings. Recently I became a yoga lover – started practicing after an office lifestyle.

I’m surrounded with people who also like diving and share the same ideas as well. The ocean is my true passion and diving become my new passion, it has always been on my bucket list, but probably is too long, because I only got my Open Water certification only a few years ago))

Today I am a Divemaster. Spreading my passion for diving is the most joinfull thing for me, so I am going to continue doing so through the howtodivescuba.com blog.

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sara@ howtodivescuba.com